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With registered capital USD600,000, Lichuang (Taishan) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., is a Hong Kong-owned enterprise. The company mainly sells solder wire, solder bar, stainless steel special solder wire, BGA solder ball, tin pen and aluminum solder wire, which are extensively applied for soldering electronics like PCB board, transformer and stereo, etc.; small household appliance such as fan, television, washing machine, soybean milk machine, etc.; refrigeration equipment like air conditioner, refrigerator, auto air conditioner; military products such as airplane, gun, ship, etc.
Technical Advantage:
Technology research and development center is founded in 2009. In recent years, the company has obtained 10 patents for invention and 3 of them have realized the commercialization of research findings. The solder ring developed by Lichuang has meet requirement of copper clad aluminum composite tube soldering.

Strict Quality Control Process:
Notice of incoming quality control→incoming quality inspection→material into warehouse →process inspection→semi-finished/finished product acceptance→warehousing finished product → outgoing quality control


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We have obtained 11 patents for invention issued by PRC State Intellectual Property Office.
• 1. a kind of copper clad aluminum composite preparation methods for environmental solder ring
• 2. a kind of aluminum to aluminum welding flux cored wire
• 3. a kind of welding flux cored wire for copper clad aluminum
• 4. a kind of flux for aluminum to aluminum alloy welding flux cored wire
• 5. a kind of welding ring for aluminum or aluminum alloy brazing aluminum welding
• 6. a kind of special welding ring for copper-aluminum composite tube
• 7. a kind of welding technique for aluminum composite tube made with two welded rings
• 8. flux welding ring used for aluminum and aluminum alloy welding and its preparation method
• 9.A flat aluminum welding ring with U-groove for loop machines
• 10.Comes with flux brazing ring
• 11.an activated emulsion for welding power lithium battery joints

Lichuang (Taishan) Electronic Technology Co., LtdLichuang (Taishan) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd Lichuang (Taishan) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd Lichuang (Taishan) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
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All products (like solder wire, solder bar, solder ball, etc.) have passed ROSH standard, ISO9001: 2008 international quality system approval, ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification