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Sn Pb Tin Lead Solder Wire and Solder Bar

Sn Pb Tin Lead Solder Wire and Solder Bar

Sn Pb Tin Lead Solder Wire

Sn Pb Tin Lead Solder Wire

Force a tin tin lead solder wire is made ​​from pure and high purity tin ingot 1 # lead ingots. Application of stable performance, low melting point, good fluidity, shrinkage is small. Fine grain, good toughness, suitable for hard and soft, smooth surface, no sand holes, no defects, no cracks, good polishing and plating effect. Suitable for decoration, high plasticity.

Sn Pb Tin Lead Solder Bar(Tin Lead Solder Stick)

Sn Pb Tin Lead Solder Bar(Tin Lead Solder Stick)

The main purpose is widely used in the electronics industry and computers, mobile communications, instrumentation, manufacturing, electrical products manufacturing, automotive and other manufacturing industries, such as handmade iron welding machines and automatic welding machinery, at the crest, and also by the automatic solid solder wire feeder input to melt the solder pool automatic feeding. Welding odorless, non-irritating odor, no splash, is a superior welding performance environmentally friendly solder。


Our leaded solder wire and solder bar is made from 100% pure tin. Our tin lead solder is characterized by superior weldability, wonderful electrical conductivity, high tensile strength, etc. Additionally, it has gone through special treatment process, thus providing strong oxidation resistance. With very little solder splash, this product helps reduce the unnecessary waste.


The tin lead solder wires and solder bars are widely used in automatic wave soldering and manual dip soldering of various metallic materials, such as electronic components, computers, copper plates, PCB, and some others.

Features of Tin Lead Solder

1. Excellent wetting property, nice fluidity and fast soldering speed

2. Efficient ability to dioxide film and to coat with tin quickly

3. Little spatter and smog, no smell, bright solder joints during soldering

4. Excellent soldering performance and less icicle and bridged linkage

5. Good mechanical properties of solder joints


1. Sn-Pb Tin Lead Solder Wire
2. Sn-Pb Tin Lead Solder Bar



Diameter (mm)

Net Weight per Spool (kg)

No. of Spool per Box

Net Weight per Box (kg)



0.50, 0.80, 1.00


5, 8, 10



0.20, 0.25, 0.50

10 or 25

2, 2.5, 5 or 5, 6.25, 7.5



0.10, 0.20

25 or 30

2.5, 5 or 3, 6

Note: We can customize lead solder according to your requirement about different shapes and materials of solder. Training for related product knowledge can be provided.