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As a type of high performance and environmental protection soldering material for electrical industry, the aluminum soldering flux is suitable for welding copper to aluminum and aluminum to aluminum. It has advantages of moderate fluidity, favorable welding strength and anti aging performance. And the good welding strength suits this aluminum welding rod for soldering work pieces with visible gap. Besides, during the welding, it can easily fill in the gap and is more likely to form highly compact juncture. Furthermore, this product conforms to EU ROHS standard and comes with no corrosion, stable performance and long-term storage. What’s more, the aluminum soldering flux of special specification can be customized. All in all, it is ideal for copper-aluminum and aluminum-copper soldering.


1. Aluminum soldering flux features smooth surface, good fluidness, favorable mechanical performance and corrosion resistance.

2. It has two forms-bar and wire.

3. The aluminum welding rod is widely applicable to radio, communication, meters, instruments, copper profile, tin can, iron object, and so on.

4. The residue is not difficult to remove with hot air after soldering.

5. Ordinary welding torch and rubber tube are always used to do the soldering.

6. Aluminum soldering flux generally uses LPG plus oxygen, acetylene plus oxygen or propane plus oxygen as the gas source.

 Welding Method

1. First of all, make sure the welded parent metal clean from oil stain.

2. Copper-aluminum parent metal soldering: A. Move welding gun back and forth to uniformly heat welding position, ensuring to heat thick object first and then thin one. B. Heat copper piece first and then aluminum piece. The copper-aluminum temperature ratio is seven to three. C. Put copper-aluminum soldering flux into welding part once the work piece temperature reaches 450 to 500°C so that the welding wire or rod can uniformly melt down and flow into the gap. Remember not to heat welding wire directly with flame. D. Use flame to slightly scan the welding position. E. Finally, remove the welding gun to let the work piece cool down. Thus the welding is finished.

3. The welding of aluminum-aluminum pipe requires soft flame. The welding temperature is 580℃ and the aluminum parent metal temperature is around 630℃.

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