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Medium temp lead-free solder refers to filler metals which are of medium melting points. It belongs to soft solder alloy which is opposed to the high-melting-point hard solder alloy. This solder is perfect for manual soldering, component installation as well as solder-joint repairing. Meanwhile, it is also proper for the dip soldering process.


1. Our medium temp lead-free solders are manufactured by machines and technologies which are developed by ourselves. Besides, a set of unique processing technique comes into being and is highly spoken of by customers.

2. These soft solder alloys are produced under RoHS, IPC/J-STD-006B and REACH standards.

3. With good fluidity, it shows high soldering performance.

4. Copper corrosion is weak.

5. Strong anti-oxidization greatly prevents tin dross from arising.

6. Flux is uniformly distributed in this medium temp lead-free solder. And little flux residue comes into being.

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